How to Make Money with Wealthy People Club

Welcome to our first Blog post in 2019 and probably the first blog post since we launched , we want to assure you to always keep this blog active with current tips to make more money with . You’re finally on the right tract to make real wealth using our sophisticated working and legitimate system of making money online.

Our aim and objective at wealthypeople is to create an enabling system that will work for everyone irrespective of any online business previous experince. In other words, Wealthypeople will work for you either you have once made money online or you are just reading about making money online for the first time.

So buckle up your shoe, tie up your belt and let us to take you on a ride to true financial freedom brought to you by, but before going further, I’ll like to get you familiar with some of our ethics and marketing slogan, one of it is “If you want to be rich, You need to Join the WealthyPeople’s Club. You will come across a slogan statement like this in most of our marketing articles and contents.

So how Can you Make Money with Wealthy People?

You need to first believe you can make wealth, then immerse yourself into our system of making it possible, this will create a greater commitment and willpower to make wealth.

On you are required to pay a one time registration fee of only N2000. Then invite two people you love. WHY PEOPLE YOU LOVE?

There is an old adage that says “Don’t give me fish, teach me how to fish”. So when referring someone to wealthypeople, you are actually giving them a fish hook and showing them a river with abundance of fish.

The two people you refer are the two (2) people you will ever need to make abundance of money with wealthypeople. We have a working 6 level on Wealthypeople and You are paid on every level.

When you Invite 2 People your downline too will invite two people each, and the numbers of people will form like BELOW.

LEVEL 1 —————2 people

Level 2 ——————- 4 people

Level 3 ——————— 8 people

Level 4 ———————16 people

Level 5 ———————32 people

Level 6 ——————- 64 people

Immediately you Signup you will be taking to the members dashboard and receive a system prompt/notification to activate your account.

When you successfully activate your account – You are place on Level 1

You need to refer TWO (2) people on level 1. And immediately the two people activate their account you are paid N1500 each from them – Thats N3000 earnings for you.

From your earnings of N3000, you will need to Upgrade to Level 2 to receive a bigger earnings. You will upgrade to level 2 with N2500 and keep profit of N500

LEVEL 2 upgrade = N2500


Level 2 (4 people in Level 2 will earn you N2500 each = N10,000)

From your earnings of N10,000 in level 2, you will need to Upgrade to level 3 with N5000 to receive another bigger earnings.

Level 3 Upgrade N5000

Benefits =======

Level 3 (8 people in Level 3 will earn you N5000 x 8 = N40,000)

From your earnings of N40,000 in level 3, you will need to upgrade to level 4 with N16,000 to receive another Bigger earnings.

Benefits =======

Level 4 (16 people in level 4 will earn you N16,000 x 16 = N256,000

From your earnings of N256,000 you will need to upgrade to level 5 with N56,000 from your earnings and keep a profit of N200,000.

Level 5 Upgrade = N56,000

Benefits ========

Level 5 (32 people in level 5 will earn you N56,000 x 32 = N1,792,000

From your earnings of N1,792,000 you will need to upgrade to level 6 with N350,000 from your earnings and keep a profit of N1,442,000

Level 6 Upgrade = N350,000

Benefits =========

Level 6 (64 people in level 6 will earn you N350,000 X 64 = N22,400,000 (Twenty-two Million, Four Hundred Thounsand Naira Only) – There is no more Upgrade on Level 6, You keep all Earnings


It is Possible to achieve this within 10 months or less.


Make sure you Invite TWO (2) committed people who understand the ideology and those who want to make wealth in 2019 and beyond.

Get started Now. You only need N2000 and Two serious team mate.

One more SWEET SPOT. – We are using spillover.

What’s spillover?

With spillover, your Upline – The person who refer you can give you downlines. HOW? since our system is strictly 1 bring 2. If your upline invite more than two, the excess downline will spillover to any other downline who has not complete their two. UNDERSTAND?

There are great possibilities with wealthy people. So if you wanna be wealthy in 2019. Join wealthyPeople’s club

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